Acid Baton
Vital statistics
Type Ranged Weapon
Effects Acid Damage 6-36
Value 240
Location Most areas of Geneforge after tutorial.
Weight {{{weight}}}
Cost to buy 144 to 528 coins
Cost to sell 60 coins

An Acid Baton is an item bred by the Shapers that can be used as a missile weapon. Acid Batons are one of the missile weapons of the Shaper and Rebel army. These items fire Acid Thorns at their enemies, dealing Acid Damage. Acid Batons have been seen being bred by other people than shapers, even Serviles have successfully bred them without prior Shaper knowledge.

This weapon is often available in the 'middle section' of the game, with thorns appearing a few areas after the tutorial. In Geneforge 4, this weapon reaches its peak use in the Fens of Aziraph, and becomes obsolete once Submission Batons appear.