General Alwan
Alwan in Geneforge 5
Vital statistics
Title Student, Guardian, General, Council Member
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Shapers
Health Varies
Level Varies
Status Varies depending upon player's choices
Location Greenwood Academy (GF3),

Dillame (GF4), Stormhold (GF5),

In Geneforge 3 Alwan is an apprentice Shaper, who accompanies the player, acting much like a creation. In Geneforge 4 he is a Shaper general, who the player takes orders from should they choose the Shaper path. In Geneforge 5, crippled from the events of the previous game, Alwan is a member of the Shaper Council, and the leader of one of the five factions.


Alwan started off as an apprentice at the Greenwood Island Shaper Academy training as a guardian when the school came under attack by a massive number of rogues and destroyed it and killed almost everyone. He joined an unknown Shaper and traveled alongside Greta, who was expelled from the school shortly before the attack. The trio traveled throughout the Ashen Isles fighting against the rogues and the Rebels. At one point in their journey Greta and Alwan part ways due to Alwan supporting the Shapers against the rebels and Greta, feeling sympathy for the rebels, goes off on her own to join the Rebellion. In the end, the mysterious Shaper and Alwan slay Akhari Blaze (who is still alive in G4 and G5) and destroy the Geneforge, ending the rebellion on the islands. It is then the two seperate with the Shaper disappearing and Alwan sets sail for the mainland to report and joins the Shaper army. At one point he becomes mortally wounded and is hooked up to a life support system and still supports the Shaper war effort from then on as a Councilor. On the mainland, when another mysterious and unknown shaper shows up, he is in the the southwest corner of the island boxing in the rebel fortress with 3 forts to prevent their advance.


General Alwan fully supports the Shaper loyalists and their actions and will serve until death. He strongly opposes the thought of creations being allowed to think for themselves and live on their own, believing that total control and fear is the only way to truly control them. Alwan, like many other Shapers, strongly dislike any self-shaping through canisters or otherwise. He would have anyone caught doing so executed or killed on the spot.


In the beginning of Geneforge 3, Alwan is extremely dependent on the demands of the Shapers. By the end, however, he finds confidence and begins to believe that the Shapers have been too lax in their treatment of creations. As a general in Geneforge 4, Alwan is confident, grim (as stated by Agent Miranda), logical, and arrogant (as stated by Shaper Rawal).


Alwan is a Guardian and mostly focuses on melee combat with his sword. Alwan's sword can be upgraded when talking to the correct people in Geneforge 3. In Geneforge 5, due to him being crippled, he is supported by 4 Pylons, which heal him when he is injured, making him hard to kill.


Greta: Alwan and Greta both dislike each other. Alwan has never liked the fact that Greta sympathizes with the rebels and creations. It is said in Geneforge 3 that they were both in heated arguments.

3rd Shaper: His relationship with the 3rd Shaper is mysterious. He doesn't want anybody to know that he has been with the Shaper and has taken great lengths to make sure that nobody knows he has ever been with the Shaper like when he crossed out the Shaper's name. What can be said, at least, is that, for a short time, he thought of the Shaper with a little bit of awe.

Agent Miranda: Despite not being married, Alwan stated that he truly cared for Miranda. After her death, no other Agent could measure up to her in his eyes, a fact which caused some bitterness.