"We have been Awakened from the dark sleep of Shaper mastery. Our eyes are open. We wish to deal with the Shapers as equals, with friendship and gratitude. But we will not be slaves to you any longer." - Leader Khobar

The Awakened are one of the major factions in the first two Geneforge games. This sect was founded by serviles that believe that all creations should be treated equally. The serviles following the Awakened are generally disliked by the Shapers because they are smart enough to think for themselves and refuse to submit. The Awakened try to avoid direct conflict between Shapers and serviles; just wishing, apparently, for peace and equality.


The Awakened started on Sucia Island. They were created and led by Ellhrah many years after the Shapers left the island and everything on it. The Serviles were forced to live on their own for once and they decided that they were capable of living just as well as Shapers and as such should be treated as their equals. The Shapers refuse to accept their point of views and wish to put down any disloyal servile.

Geneforge 1

When the playable character strands on Sucia Island, the Awakened founded Vakkiri and Ellhrah's Keep and are still led by Ellhrah.

Geneforge 2

The Awakened reappear in Geneforge 2 as a weakened faction. In the time between Geneforge 1 and Geneforge 2, Ellhrah died and Learned Pinner, one of the Awakened from the first game, replaced him as their leader. Before Ellhrah's death, they founded Medab, their main city in the Drypeak Mountains.