Fire creation
Shapping Information
Shapping status Barred
  • (Intended Bodyguard)
  • Powerful Attack Creation
Notable Variations
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 2
Shapable in-game? True
HP Level High (600-3500)
AP Level Mid-High (2-3 actions a turn)

Drakons are an incredibly powerful reptilian creation. These creations are known by their ability to shape, their huge intelligence compared to many other creations, their extreme arrogance, and their greed. By Shaper law, they are barred, which means they cannot legally be shaped.


Drakons originated from the Drypeak Mountains, a mountain range near the Storm Plains in Southwest Terrestia. A rogue shaper named Barzahl created the Drakon in an attempt to make a much more powerful servant than the Drayk. The model used was the Cryodrayk Rhakkus. While Barzahl succeeded in the creation of a Drakon, he was unable to control it, and thus it fled into the mountains.

Physical and Mental Abilities

While the first Drakons were exceedingly powerful in physical strength, their power has increased much more than the Drakons of Barzahl's time. In addition, they are capable of casting spells and have the ability to Shape Creations.


Drakons are a massive creation towering above almost all others ever shaped by the Shapers. With a height of over 3.5 meters, they easily dwarf any Shaper they meet. A typical Drakon eats much more meat than a human could. They walk upright like humanoids like their distant cousins Fyoras, or their closer cousins the drayks. While never seen in-game, Drakons possess fully functional wings unlike those on the back of a Drayk.

Drakons are able to spit fire like the Drayk and the Fyora. This fire, however, is much more potent than the fire of the other two creations. In Geneforge 2 and 3, the breath of a Drakon was able to hit three different targets, but the latter Geneforge 4 and 5 Versions have Drakons that only hit one target at a time.


As stated several times before, Drakons are exceedingly intelligent. They are able to cast magical spells, enabling them to not rely on their physical abilities to defend themselves. However, much of them rely on their fire breath as their primary attack. In addition, the Drakon that the player can summon during the game does not cast any spells.

Drakons have the unique ability to shape creations, something that many Shapers do not like. They are able to shape other Drakons, and new creations. Their ability to research and refine Shaping techniques at the level of Shapers denotes the possibility of them being equal to or greater than human intelligence. The Drakon that the player can summon during the game lacks the ability to shape, probably due to complexity issues.


Drakons tend to have a personality depending on the individual. In general, however, the species tend to be warlike, agressive, greedy, and very arrogant. This last trait tends to be very damaging to Drakons and has been exploited by many experienced shapers aiming to kill them.

Being bulky, they tend to be less dexterous than other creatures. This is depending on the individual creature, as some have been observed using small fine tools. These creatures also like Drayks tend to hoard many valuable artifacts and jewelry, because their greed.

Role in the Rebellion

The Drakons have been the full fighting force of the Rebellion. These creations are more powerful than humans and Serviles together. They also regard themselves as the leaders of the rebellion. In Geneforge 5, they are part of the 'extremist rebel' faction.

Notable Drakons