Essence Orbs is a Battle Magic spell available in Geneforge 2 and beyond. It fires up to three magical projectiles at enemies. The center projectile hits the target of the PC, while the other two seek out nearby targets. In games where resistances are in place, Essence Orbs deal magical damage. For all high-leveled mages, this is the standard spell. While it deals more damage, it is not as versatile as Searer due to its one attack element.

In Geneforge 1 this spell was called Searing Orbs.

Essence Orbs is not to be confused with Diamond Spray, which is a spell not castable by the PC.

The item Spray Crystal does the same effect as Essence Orbs, yet damage is modified by the Missile Weapons skill, and accuracy is modified by the Dexterity and Missile Weapons skill.