Fire creation
Shaping Information
Shaping status Shapable
  • Weak attack creation
  • Swarmer creation
  • Training prospectives
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 1
Shapable in-game? Yes
HP Level Low (20-250)
AP Level Low (1 actions per turn)

A Fyora is a Tier 1 Fire Creation. Evidence on Sucia Island suggests that they, along with Artilas, were among the first creations ever Shaped.


Fyoras are large, lizard-like creations. They are usually red, resembling a small raptor or tyrannosaur. In Geneforge 1, 2, and 3, they had prominent green stripes along their back and tail. In Geneforge 4 the stripes were removed, and this has stayed the same in Geneforge 5. Also, their color was changed to a more rusty-red and orange color. As the item Perfect Fyora Scale implies that Fyoras are covered with scales. Underneath this is skin resistant to fire, as the item Fyoraskin Cloak implies.

A Fyora's main attack is a spit of fire. Unlike dragons, who breath out fire, Fyoras spit out saliva which turns into fire. Fyoras also have sharp teeth to bite, in case they are cornered and need to defend themselves.


These creatures, when rogue, usually hang out in packs when they can find each other. There may be from 5 to 15 in a single pack. The strongest one, as usual, is a leader, and has the best drops. Under human intervention, Fyoras can be assimilated into cross-species packs.


Fyoras drop a variety of things, including:

Fyoras in-Game

Fyoras are a commonly used beginning creature, due to its low requirements and cost.


Since Fyoras are the basic creation in the game, players can create this creature with a Fire Shaping level of 1. The base essence required is 8, and players who choose to add two intelligence levels need 11 essence. Fyoras are usually created by Shapers in Geneforge 1, 2, and 3, sometimes by Guardians also. In Geneforge 4, Warriors, Shock Troopers, and Lifecrafters usually create Fyoras. Since Drayks are much better later in the game than Fyoras, these creations are usually absorbed once they are available to shape.


Fyoras are nearly at-par in frailty as the Artila in terms of taking physical damage, however also not resistant to Magic Damage. It is best to keep these creations in the back of a Shaper party when in combat, but can serve as a meatshield creation in the absence of Thahds. Against other Fyoras, due to their relative Fire Resistance, they stand a great chance at surviving a Fyora attack, but do not do too much good damage to them.

The attacking aspects of a Fyora are just as simple; the main attack of a Fyora is a ranged attack that deals fire damage. Fire and Cold damage alike are two types of damages not resisted by many creations in the heavy sense, so a Fyora in the beginning game can easily 1-hit kill many Artilas and Thahds. In the middle-game, resistance to fire starts to emerge, although not enough to seriously hamper a leveled-up Fyora. The energy requirements of the fire attack is not too large, so there is no need of losing energy mid-combat.

The first three Geneforge versions do not have resistance factors. Fyoras can virtually cause high damage to other creations that have fire resistance in the later games, however have a lower hitpoint amount to compensate.


Fyoras are found in every game, usually in the beginning. They usually hang out in mazes for cover. Players usually find a nest near them. Later in the game, players may still encounter Fyoras, but they would be very powerful or mutated.


Fyoras come in many different variations, including:

Tamed Fyora

These Fyoras were once rogue, but thanks to the efforts of the Pentil Obeyers Learned Jaffee and Demel they were tamed and convinced to aid the Obeyers in their defense. Some of them stay in Learned Jaffee's laboratory in Pentil while others help Demel defend the Thorny Woods against the Taker Rebels.


This creation is very similar to the Fyora, although the two main differences are the skin and the attacks. Cryoas are blue-skinned, and can live in colder environments. Unlike the Fyora, they shoot ice breaths from their mouths. Cryoas are usually much stronger than the Fyoras in all their aspects.

Charged Fyora

This is a version of the Fyora that is charged. While it is unstable and will break in a matter of time, it has much more powerful attacks and can stand up to more hits.


  • The graphics for Fyoras and Cryoas changed in the transition from Geneforge 3 to 4, while Thahds were updated in Geneforge 3.
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