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Geneforge is a series of isometric role-playing games revolving around the Shapers, their Creations, and the unaligned humans that make up both Shaper society and potential allies and foes.

For the first three games you always play a Shaper who can specialize into one of three classes (collectively referred to as "Shaper" by outsiders), Guardians, Agents, and Shapers. For the final two games, you play in the Rebel faction, though you are welcome to serve either side of the conflict.

Gameplay takes place on an isometric board. Outside of battle, all monsters and NPC's move around as you do, but battle takes place in rounds where each monster gets a set number of action points. See Combat.

The storyline revolves around barred shaping that allowed the earliest Shapers to directly edit the genetic code, genes, of their creations and themselves. Finding themselves succumbing to the dangers of uncontrolled shaping inside of inexperienced shapers, the isle was barred and the research abandoned, only to find release centuries later, beginning a war pitting the Shapers, their controlled Creations, and human allies against their rebelling creations and unaligned humans.


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The Geneforge is a device that gives different powers to the user. It made the user incredibly powerful, but their minds are usually not able to handle the power. causing mental instability and quick anger.

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