Guardian image2
Guardian sprite from Geneforge 1 and 2
Vital statistics
Title Guardian
Gender Almost always male
Race Human
Faction Shapers
Health Varies
Level Varies
Location Shaper Citadels, towns, your player character areas

Guardians are the main warriors of the Shaper sect, and are playable in most games in the series. In Geneforge 4 they are replaced by the Warrior, their rebel equivalent. They excel in Combat skills, are average in Shaping skills, and weak at magic skills.


Guardians were around way before the events of Geneforge 1. They were always the fighters who killed the enemy, while Agents were doing diplomatic things, and Shapers were researching and creating new creations. They usually wield weapons that can do physical damage, especially swords, batons, and javelins.

Most Guardians have pro-shaper views, and rarely rebel. Many of them are serious about their job and role in the Shaper community.


In Geneforge versions 1, 2, 3, and 5, you had the option of playing as a Guardian who was an ideal character for beginners. Guardians are spread out through almost all the games, like Alwan. They are almost always on the Shapers side.



Guardian from Geneforge 3-5

Playing as a Guardian is somewhat simple. If you see an enemy, you can usually think, if I get to that enemy, it will die. Guardians are very talented with swords and missile weapons and can make a crude army of weak creatures. They are somewhat limited in magic skills.


A player who plays as a guardian should invest much skill points in physical attributes like strength, endurance, and missile weapons. Magic skills except blessing magic are best ignored, as blessing magic has the much-needed spell, Speed. Parry, quick action, and some creation skills can also come in handy.


Playing as a guardian would require high armor and powerful melee weapons. Good armor would subsist as breastplates, heavy shields, greaves (for later Geneforge Versions) metal gauntlets, and metal boots. Weapons should be either a sword or baton. Javelins are usually too weak and heavy. Basically, look for weapons and armor made out of metal, as the guardian will be taking damage. Guardians can also use wands to cast spells that they would otherwise be unable to.

Defeating Guardians

Killing a guardian is usually suicidal in the earlier part, as they can summon very powerful creations and spells, and are very powerful attackers. My advice, don't kill them unless you need to. Near the endgame, they might pose a challenge, although well-trained characters can easily defeat them.


I live to fight for the Shapers!- Alwan- Geneforge 3.


Guardians are very weak in magic, yet, when you attack them as NPCs, most of the time, they attack with powerful magic attacks.

The most notable guardian in the games is Alwan, who is a player character in Geneforge 3 and is a Shaper general in Geneforge 4 and 5.

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