Icy Crystal
Icy Crystal
Sprite of an Icy Crystal in Geneforge 3
Vital statistics
Type Missile Weapon - Crystal
Effects Ice Breath 7-35
Value 10
Location Most areas of Geneforge
Weight 0.2
Cost to buy 6 to 22 coins
Cost to sell 2 coins

An Icy Crystal is a lightweight magic-infused crystal with a one-time use. This crystal shoots out a bolt of ice at the enemy it is aimed to. It can only attack one enemy at the cost of three Action Points. Icy Crystals, in the beginning of the game, typically do much more damage than the player's primary attack, be it a Javelin, Thorn Baton, or Firebolt. This item is affected by the player's Missile Weapons skill and increases accuracy and damage as the skill is increased.

This item can be crafted by using a Beautiful Crystal and a Gemstone on an enchanted forge. While a Madness Gem can be constructed by these same constitutes with the addition of an Eyebeast Eye, it cannot be constructed by using an Icy Crystal and an Eyebeast Eye.


The first two Geneforge games had Icy Crystals that looked like Amber stones. By the third game, this crystal was changed into a blue crystal. In addition, the graphics of the ice bolt changed from a comet-like shape to a breath identical to that of a Cryoa and Cryodrayk.