Living Tool
Living Tool image
Living Tool in Geneforge 4
Vital statistics
Type Small Object (tool)
Effects Unlock levers, doors / Operate machinery
Value 30
Location Most areas of Geneforge
Weight 1.0
Cost to buy 18 to 66 coins
Cost to sell 7 coins

A Living Tool is an item created by the Shapers, used to get past locks and repair/sabotage mechanical apparatuses.


The Living Tool is an item created by the shapers long before Geneforge 1 .This tool can be bred by shapers, although some serviles and humans have also been successful in breeding it.

Because it would otherwise be a waste of essence, shapers often get them to breed with each other.

Physical attributes

This tool is a living item (hence the name living) encased in metal. It has a body, with several whisps at the end that can be used to do a variety of things like picking locks or fixing items. Living tools are generally blue; however they may be other colors that are not necessary displayed in the graphics. A living tool is very fragile, and usually breaks after one use.


Living tools are generally used for picking locks. In Geneforge 1, they were usable items that had to be used directly on an object. In the subsequent games, a pop up message comes and asks if the player wishes to use living tools.

The amount of living tools used for a lock is dependent on one's mechanic level. The higher the level, the less living tools need to be used. Players sometimes equip mechanic-boosting items before using living tools in order to conserve them.

This item is stackable in the inventory.


Often in any Geneforge game, players wish to have much more living tools than their current number. This is natural, and thus, players have found ways to try and conserve them for certain areas mechanical-heavy. The best way to lower the usage of living tools is to increase the PC's Mechanics skill. This increases the PC's adeptness in mechanics and lets them use less living tools to open locks, or even allows locks to be picked without any tools used. Another method is to invest in Mental Magic and increase the Unlock spell's potency.

Ultimately, saving beforehand and testing the contents within a specific box, door, or locked object and deciding their worth is what it really comes down to.

In Geneforge 1, there is a reusable living tool located in the southmost nest of Pentil East. This tool displays "X" as it's quantity, but is otherwise identical to all other living tools. It will only be re-usable if the player is not carrying any other living tools when it is picked up and acquiring any other living tool while possessing the reusable living tool will cause it to lose its ability.


  • While batons have a broken state, there are no objects called 'broken living tool'.
  • In Geneforge 4 the living tool design changed and now has a brown handle and longer tentacles.
  • There is an item in Geneforge 4 that has the old design in Geneforge 1 to 3 now called the "Spore Baton (blue) and used to make mines of its color explode.

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