Gretchen's Potions G4

The start of the quest is here in Dillame.

Melted Sands is a collections quest in Geneforge 4, which requires the player to collect the valueless item Melted Sand.


The quest can be started in Dillame in an alchemist store named Gretchen's Potions. The owner of the store, Gretchen, asks the player to retrieve nodules of Melted Sand. Players can collect these and give them to Gretchen, earning 75 Coins and a handful of experience for each nodule collected. Gretchen claims that the melted sand is high in magical properties and aids in the creation of creating Pod flasks.


Gretchen's Potions is located to the Northwest of the Dillame Map. The easiest entrance is from the west. Melted Sand can be found near the trap-made enemy pylons. Often, Melted Sand can be found in dark gray patches separated from the rest of the terrain.


Giving several melted sand nodules will net these rewards in addition to the experience and 75 coins.

6 Melted Sands

  • Healing Spores (1)
  • Curing Spores (1)
  • Speed Spores (1)

11 Melted Sands

  • Blessing Crystal (1)
  • Artila Eye (1)

With a bit of leadership, the player can also receive a Tinker's Bauble along with the other rewards.