Puresteel is a strong essence-infused metal used to forge expensive, high-quality armor and create the rings used to make essence filled canisters. Only the most talented craftsmen can work puresteel.


Puresteel is made to create powerful armor and weapons. While infused with essence, puresteel relies solely on its raw strength for its reputation as a powerful metal. An added bonus is a decrease in weight from the much more common but still rare Shaped Metal.


Another use of puresteel is the creation of Canisters. In the games, rings of puresteel can be brought to Canister manufacturers to create canisters for the player's own use. It is possible that the Geneforge itself is also created out of puresteel.

Geneforge 2 Puresteel Ring Locations

Puresteel Rings in Geneforge 2 are actual 20 pound items that go into the inventory.

  • Upper Research Hall (Medab lands?)
  • Clockwork Maze
  • Trapped Forest
  • Rising North Gate
  • Radiant College
  • Phariton's Hall
  • Benerii-Uss Shaping

Geneforge 4 Puresteel Locations

This is a list of the locations of Puresteel rings in Geneforge 4.

  • Dillame Keep in the rebel contraband storage in the eastern section of the map. This area is guarded and players are not permitted to enter here, so stealth is required.
  • Sandros Mine which requires a bit of Mechanics and living tools.
  • Thornton Ruins which requires mechanics skill to get past the trap.
  • Valeya Ruins which requires an intense amount of combat skill to get past the guardian Golem. This also unlocks an enchanted forge.
  • Quessa-Uss which can only be accessed two times while the Drakons are debating policies.


Items created using Puresteel are stronger than their Shaped counterparts. They tend to weigh less also. Unlike other items, Puresteel gear doesn't typically provide magical bonuses but can be forged (at an enchanted forge)with certain other items to grant bonuses.