Shaper sprite from Geneforge 1 and 2
Vital statistics
Title Shaper
Gender Male or Female
Race Human
Faction Shaper
Health Varies
Level Varies

The Shaper is one of the three classes within the order known as the Shapers, the others being Agent and Guardian. The term "Shaper" also serves as a general moniker for anyone who is a part of the sect itself, since all possess some knowledge of the Shaping arts.

Males and females both can become Shapers, with seemingly no difference in authority between the two. The role of a Shaper is mainly in the field of research, away from combat, but this does not mean they are necessarily "safe." Shaper research involves spending large amounts of time around toxic substances, dangerous equipment, and unpredictable creation varieties. Most Shapers' work involves the improvement of existing creation types. Usually this involves a lengthy process of trial and error, creating a creation with a slight alteration, examining its life, dissecting it once it is dead, and repeating the process with a new, similar creation until enough information is gathered to judge whether it is an improvement or not.


Shapers are less durable than Agents or Guardians, and as such avoid close-quarters combat whenever possible. Though they lack skill with martial weapons and are outclassed in conventional magic by Agents, Shapers make themselves dangerous by honing their skills in Shaping creations to fight for them.

Shapers use their creations for protection in battle.

This alone is enough to make one entrenched Shaper as effective as an army. A Shaper positioned behind their creations and casting magic from the back lines is very difficult to kill.


Strategies for Shaper combat usually involve the Shaper making creations, followed by the casting of offensive and defensive spells. This turns an ordinarily-frail Shaper into an incredibly adaptable fighting force, with the Shaper themselves providing healing, blessings, and fire support.

Fighting a Shaper requires high magical resistance, both to withstand the Shaper's own attacks and those of their creations, many of which have options for attacking at range. Taking down the Shaper as quickly as possible makes it easier to destroy his remaining creations, and crowd control spells such as Daze or multi-target spells like Essence Orbs help to minimize the Shaper's inevitable numerical advantage.

Shapers can also use enchanted crystals to control creations from a distance, although the amount of creations controlled at a time, and the distance they can be from their creator, depends on the skill of the Shaper that is controlling them. This is a very useful ability in warfare, since it allows Shapers themselves to stay off the front lines, and as such was used by the Shapers throughout the Rebellion.

Notable Shapers

Some notable Shapers include: Danette, the inventor of the Geneforge; Rawal, a member of the Shaper Council and primary contact during Geneforge 5; Litalia, a recurring rebel Shaper from the latter half of the series; and Zakary, head of Drypeak Colony and one of the rediscoverers of the Geneforge.


  • The Shapers changed their appearance between Geneforge 2 and Geneforge 3, with their robes appearing larger and more ornate.