Spray Crystal
Spray Crystal
Sprite of a Spray Crystal
Vital statistics
Type Missile Weapon - Crystal
Effects Essence Orbs 7-42 Magical Damage
Value 60
Location Most areas of Geneforge
Weight 0.2
Cost to buy 18 to 66 coins
Cost to sell 7 coins

A Spray Crystal is a lightweight magic-infused crystal with a one-time use. This crystal shoots out three bolts of magic. One of these bolts hits the target, while the other two hit the closest enemies to the primary target. All three attacks have the same chance of hitting as well as the same damage. This item, as with all items in the inventory, can be used at a cost of three Action Points. This item, during the beginning of the game, does much more damage than a regular attack of the player, including creations. The upside to this is that each shot typically one-hit kills enemies, and the crystal has very high accuracy. This item is affected by the player's Missile Weapons skill and increases accuracy and damage as the skill is increased.

This item can be crafted by using Wiry Moss and a Gemstone on an enchanted forge. The Wiry Moss is said to split the infused magic of the crystal into three different missiles. The item has the same ability as the spell Essence Orbs and the projectiles have changed graphics in accordance to the change of graphics on the part of the Essence Orbs.


The first four Geneforge Games had Spray Crystals looking like amber crystals, although this item is nonexistent in the 5th Geneforge game.