This is the generic term for Thorn Baton. For the item, please see Thorn Baton (item)

A Thorn Baton is a missile weapon created by the Shapers, and can attack enemies at range.

Thorn Batons have been the favored weapon of the Shapers for ages. Thorn Batons are fertile, and can be bred by Serviles or even outsiders, as seen in Geneforge 4 by several people and other times in Geneforge 5.

A Thorn Baton is a small creature that lives in a rod shaped wood and metal shell. It has a back end which contains its tail, functioning like a trigger when squeezed. It expels sharp, specially shaped thorns out of its front end when fired. Thorn Batons contain rounds, which are regular Thorns. A clip contains 6 thorns, and is reloaded when there is no more thorns.

Players that do not have any thorns in their pack cannot use the Thorn Baton. In addition, thorns cannot be taken out of a baton, but in the absence of thorns and when having several loaded thorn batons, batons can be switched to continue fighting. They cannot be enchanted on a forge.

Thorn Batons are used heavily by soldiers of all factions and even Serviles. In Geneforge 4 and Geneforge 5, a new character called a Thornflinger was added. Thornflingers are specially trained soldiers to use batons, including the Thorn Baton.

The skill Missile Weapons can be increased to bolster the damage of a Thorn Baton and its accuracy.

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