Fire creation
Shapping Information
Shapping status Barred
  • Attack-Force Leader
  • Rebellion Leader
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 2
Shapable in-game? True
HP Level High-Very high (1500-3000)
AP Level Mid-High (2-3 actions a turn)

The Ur-Drakon is a class of heavily modified Drakons. Stronger than the average Drakons, much more complex minds, and a better ability to shape, the Ur-Drakons have been the long enemy of the Shapers and the leaders of the Rebellion.

Physical Characteristics

Ur-Drakons are incredibly large humanoid lizards. They stand over 12 feet tall and contain fully functional wings. They have the ability to shoot fire from their mouths as well as the Drakons and Drayks do.

Notable Ur-Drakons

Nearly all named Drakons in the Geneforge series are Ur-Drakons, as they are much more significant than the other Drakons.