Magic creation
Shaping Information
Shaping status Shapable
  • Strong attack creation
  • Point defense
Other Information
First Appearance Geneforge 4
Shapable in-game? True
HP Level
AP Level Low (1 action per turn)

Wingbolts are a tier-4 Magic Creation, created by the Shapers near the height of the rebellion in order to fight the rebels and take an advantage over them, but later the rebels managed to know how to shape them.



Wingbolts are created from artila and nature source bat. They fly using wings and gas bladders. They are 11 spans (8' 3" ; 2,5m), weigh about 100 stones (1400 lbs ; 635kg), and their wingspan is 8 spans (6' ; 1,8m). They have a heat vent to keep clean and moist, and have 6-8 segments on their tail when fully grown. They have high internal warmth, in order to maintain the magical flow through their bodies.

They attack by hurling powerful, magical bolts of energy at their enemies. Their melee attack includes a pointed, scorpion-like tail for effective attacks, which can also poison the enemy.

The skin of a Wingbolt tends to be very resistant to magic damage such as those inflicted by Vlish, Artilas, and Gazers. However, they are particularly susceptible to physical damage, and they do not resist the cold or heat well.


Wingbolts have enough intelligence to obey their masters, like other creations, but not enough to talk or do complex things. Their rogue tendencies are not clearly determined, but they usually don't tend to go rogue, especially not under a strong command.